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Catarina Tavares

Environmental Engineer

With a degree in Environmental Engineering and MSc in Environmental Management by the Higher School of Agriculture of Coimbra, Catarina has performed inspections of community and national agricultural aid of the surfaces department since 2009, for IFAP. She was a photo-interpreter in the execution of the 6th National Forest Inventory and did internships in Energy Management in the Energy Agency Between Douro and Vouga (EDV-Energia) and in the area of ​​Environmental Impact Assessment in the "Laboratório de Ciências Espaciais de Santa Maria", "Centro Internacional de Projetos Ambientais", Brazil. Catarina also worked for INE during the 2011 Census as a Municipal Delegate.

Role in CLDS+
(1) Creation of the Community Farm and its dynamics. (2) Conducting training activities/workshops before and during the operation of the Community Farm. (3) Dynamization of the action “Limpar Pedrógão" in order to clean up illegal waste deposits occurring in the municipal area. (4) Personalized support of the children of the community in order to create habits and methodologies of study in the area of mathematics.