Employment Office
Your place on the work market

The goal of the Employment Office is to provide a personalised service to the unemployed person, during a time when job offers in the region are scarce and desertification strikes hard. We intend to reach out to those in need, particularly to the younger public, assuring a better articulation between companies and the unemployed person, thus promoting the routing and selection of human resources adequate to the available offers.  Continue reading...
Family Office
Together for balance

The goal of the Family Office is to provide personalised guidance, both in the office, as well as in the natural environment of the family, which for any reason feels lost in regard to their roles as parents or guardians. The Office also counts with other areas of intervention, such as weekly motivational sessions, targeting children and teenagers alike, with the purpose of diminishing the intragenerational gap, promoting self esteem and improving school performance. Continue reading...