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Family Office

Together for Balance
The goal of the Family Office is to provide personalised guidance, both in the office, as well as in the natural environment of the family, which for any reason feels lost in regard to their roles as parents or guardians. The Office also counts with other areas of intervention, such as weekly motivational sessions, targeting children and teenagers alike, with the purpose of diminishing the intragenerational gap, promoting self esteem and improving school performance.

Office Times
Wednesdays and Fridays
10.00h to 13.00h
14.00h to 17.00h

Live Your Sexuality
Being a teenager can be hard, particularly when it comes to your sexuality. Sometimes you don't feel confortable asking certain questions to your parents, teachers, and even to your friends! Ask! We're here to listen to you! Continue reading (in Portuguese)...
Sofia Pires,
7 Mar 2014, 14:22